Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Why the password?
    A: The main reason for the password is to thwart web spiders like those sent out by search engines like Google. I love Google. I use it all the time. I don't want it indexing everything about me and my family in its giant database. Don't believe me? Try Google Images and the keyword: baby. You get about 1,630,000 images, many of them baby pictures, most of them aggregated from sites just like these. Its just makes me feel better to have our family website behind a password.

  2. Q: But the password is not working for me?
    A: Well, if you have the right password and it is not working then I am really sorry. Make sure it is in all lower case and that you hit the knock button. Just hitting return does not work on all browsers (I hear Safari on Mac OS X has problems with my code). [update 4/27/05 this should be fixed...]. Oh, and you have to enable JavaScript (don't know what that is, don't worry).

  3. Q: Still nothing and I really really want to get in!
    A: Well, the password scheme is by no stretch of the imagination complicated. If you view the source code you will see that it is a simple redirect. Try entering the following URL into the browser's address bar:
    and replace password with, well, the password.

  4. Q: I don't know the password, how can I get it?
    A: If you know my phone number give me a call.

  5. Q: How about an email address?
    A: Well, much like images and data, email address get collected by web spiders and before you know it I'm getting emails for V1agRa and Rolexx watches. Not to mention emails from nice Nigerian bank managers trying to give $1,000,000 DOLLARS US. So, if you know my email because I have sent you this link then you can contact me there. Otherwise I think you are out of luck, but see below.

  6. Q: How did you set this up?
    A: I use Go Daddy as my web hosting service. They seem to be quite good on the technology side and they are super cheap. The downside is that I would not classify them as user friendly. Hosting a web page involves lots of specialized language about name servers and domain parking/locking that some people would find confusing. Once I paid for the site I just whacked a few pages together in HTML and slapped a JavaScript routine on the front end to keep out riff-raff. The whole thing is being written on a clunky purse shaped iMac laptop sleek new Mac mini and uploaded using the command line FTP client.

  7. Q: Any future plans for
    A: Yes, eventually some of the site will be moved out into public view and I will just keep the family pictures and info behind a password. Check back.

  8. Q: What's with the cat?
    A: If you have to ask, what are you doing here? Take off, hoser!